First Timers

People of all ages and physical conditions benefit from exercise and physical activity. These stories feature diverse older adults and the activities they enjoy. If you are age 50 years or older and exercise regularly, we invite you to send us your story.
donald and peach exercising
Donald and Peach, age 60+
"We began exercising with the Love Towers group in Knoxville, TN, this summer. We really liked it right away because it was something we could do together and it didn't cost anything. We enjoy getting together with our...
Thornell exercising
Thornell W., age 65
"I started participating in the group exercise class at Love Towers in Knoxville, Tennessee as a way to meet my new neighbors. I found that it’s fun, I enjoy the exercise, and I feel healthier because of it! "
mary hula-hooping
Mary D., age 81
"I was one of the first people to join the exercise class at Love Towers in Knoxville, Tennessee. I didn’t really know what to expect, but because it was a program geared toward older adults, I thought I would be able to do...
Carolyn exercising
Carolyn L., age 61
"I started coming to the group exercise class at Love Towers in Knoxville, TN, when I first moved here. Our class is great! It’s a lot of fun to laugh with neighbors and make new friends while getting fit. I love it so much...
Florence exercising
Florence R., age 82
"I’ve been attending a group exercise class at Love Towers in Knoxville, TN. Every time I come in I say, “This just isn’t my cup of tea,” but I keep coming and doing the exercises. The thing I enjoy most is being there with...
Joann exercising
Jo Ann L., age 62
"I’m only 62 years old, but I was acting older than 70 before I started exercising. I used a walker and I couldn’t stand up straight because of my back pain. I resisted the notion of exercising until my friend Rita began...
Sherry exercising
Sherri L., age 57
"I’ve been exercising with a group at Love Towers in Knoxville, TN. I have several health issues, and can’t always keep up with the group, but the instructor encourages me to do what I can and to stop when I need too. I...
Emma exercising
Emma R., age 58
"I’ve never been big on exercise, but I’ve been working out with fellow residents of Love Towers in Knoxville, TN. I’m still not sure I love to exercise, but the group dynamic is great. We support each other even when one of...
Valerie exercising
Valerie C., age 50
"Participating in the group exercise class at Love Towers in Knoxville, TN, just makes me feel better. I like the social aspect because it gives me a chance to get to know my neighbors better. I never knew I would like...
Love Towers morning exercise group participants
Love Towers Morning Exercise Group, age 50+
"The Love Towers Morning Exercise Group in Knoxville, TN, has been exercising together three times a week since January 2012. The class includes endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises that people of all...
Mercer Health Group Exercise Class
Mercer Health and Wellness Program, age 55-91
"The Mercer Health and Wellness Program, now in its 7th session, has grown from 43 participants when it was started in 2010 by volunteers to 66 strong! Each strength-training class is held for one hour and 15 minutes on...
Carol and her horse Jamie
Carol S., age 63
"I started riding in my late forties and never before had anything I would’ve considered a hobby- certainly not a passion. But once I started, riding and horses got into my whole being. It’s central to my life and who I am...
Jerry, age 74
"Jerry gains confidence with Go4Life! "
George, 79, and Yvonne, 77
"George and Yvonne use Go4Life at home to increase their flexibility. "
Diane P., age 65
"At the age of 65, Diane P. decided to play ice hockey for the first time and joined a women's 18 and over hockey league. "
Members of the First Baptist Church
"Reverend Renee Few shares how the First Baptist Church in Washington, DC exercises! “Members of the First Baptist Church witness the power (and fun) of exercise. It started with a health fair, where we distributed free...
Penny, age 72
"I started playing pickleball (a game similar to badminton) almost 3 years ago, after a pretty sedentary middle age. Now I play 3 times a week, with a little yoga on the off days. Pickleball has revved up my juices and made...