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Adolph pole vaulting
Adolph H., age 86
"Adolph is a cattle rancher, World War II veteran, and track and field athlete from Somerset, Texas. This year, he hopes to break the world record in pole vault. However, his top rival Earl is looking to unseat him in the...
fasia exercising
Fasia M., age 84
"I exercise with the Love Towers Morning Exercise group in Knoxville, Tennessee. I’ve always believed in eating healthy and getting enough exercise since growing up in Africa. I like the group because we laugh and have fun...
Christine, age 81
"I've always been active. As a child, up through high school, I played softball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. In my adult years I've always walked. I used to walk in the neighborhood with neighbors, but they walked...
David J
David J., age 81
"I grew up playing badminton a lot. My first tennis playing experience came the day after seeing a tennis doubles exhibition during my freshman year at Duke University. I went out the next day to buy a racquet and then...