Success Stories: Busy Lifestyle

Dancing, exercises from the NIA Exercise and Physical Activity Guide.
Florence C., age 65

I turn 65 this year, and I love living life to its fullest through both my academic position and my volunteer service as president of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Life can be hectic, but I discovered a wonderful resource to help me stay fit—the NIA Exercise and Physical Activity Guide.

Yesterday I tried strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility exercises, and this morning I have the wonderful feeling that I exerted myself with just the right amount of challenge. I like the way the exercises are linked to everyday activities such as making it easier to vacuum, rake leaves, lift bags into the overhead compartment of the plane, and so on. And they can be done anywhere.

My husband John keeps urging me to attend dance lessons with him (he participates in eight or more a week). Reading the Guide convinced me to take more dance lessons and to make these exercises part of my customized plan for healthy living.