Success Stories: Health Issues

Pat S.
Walking, exercise DVD's, Curves, & Zumba
Pat S., age 55

Last September I was 62 pounds heavier, a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic, and scared out of mind. I had wanted to get back into shape but felt stuck. I never thought I would be so heavy and out of shape. Given my diagnosis of diabetes along with hypertension, high cholesterol, and a positive family history of coronary artery disease, I knew it was time to get moving. I started by having the mantra: “Move more than you sit.” I heard this in my diabetic education classes and thought, "I can do that and it's a place to start." I began with moving more and using my Wii daily. I added exercise DVD's as my confidence grew. Now I walk or do one of the DVD's nearly daily and take Zumba classes as my schedule allows. I am adding a weekly walk/jog as well. This has helped to control my blood sugar, led to normal limit A1c readings, and made me toned. My endurance is greatly improved and I am in the greatest shape I’ve been in for 30 years. I feel confident and inspired.