Success Stories: First Timers

Mercer Health Group Exercise Class
Group exercise featuring aerobics and strength training.
Mercer Health and Wellness Program, age 55-91

The Mercer Health and Wellness Program, now in its 7th session, has grown from 43 participants when it was started in 2010 by volunteers to 66 strong! Each strength-training class is held for one hour and 15 minutes on Monday and Thursday, and each session is approximately 12 weeks long. Each week a handout is provided by the National Institute on Aging. We‘ve also added two aerobic classes on Wednesday. Participants range in age from 51-91, and although many have health issues, they keep exercising not only for their health but also for the sense of community. They’ve seen a number of benefits: lower cholesterol levels, decreased blood pressure, increased bone density, and weight loss. We’re one, big, happy family, and we’re so proud of our participants’ accomplishments!