Success Stories: First Timers

Joann exercising
Group exercise classes featuring endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.
Jo Ann L., age 62

I’m only 62 years old, but I was acting older than 70 before I started exercising. I used a walker and I couldn’t stand up straight because of my back pain. I resisted the notion of exercising until my friend Rita began teaching a group exercise class where we live. I started the class in January and one day in February, Rita and I were talking in our courtyard when I dropped a piece of paper, bent down and picked it up, and walked to the trash can and back all without my walker. It took a minute, but I suddenly realized that I had walked on my own! Now I never need the walker, and I only use my cane if I plan to do a lot of walking. I was even trained to lead the class this spring. I never miss class and am always disappointed if the class doesn’t meet for some reason.