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Katherine D Stretching
Walking and strength training
District of Columbia
Katherine D., age 90

I grew up in Bermuda where exercise was built into the fabric of everyday life. As a child, I swam every day before school. Because we had no transportation, I walked 10 miles to and from school every day. In high school, I participated in track and field. When I came to the States in l957, I continued my daily exercise, often walking 7 miles in each direction to my job as a dental assistant, which I held for 50 years. When the dentists I worked for closed their offices, I tried retirement, but that only lasted 3 weeks. I soon took a job as a receptionist, where I still work full time. Currently, I walk 3 miles every day before work and 5 miles or more on weekends. At home, I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes three times a week and do strength training with weights, stretchy bands, and tubes for 20 minutes every evening. I take no medications, cook most of my own meals, and consider myself in very good shape for a 90-year-old.