Activity Ideas for Endurance Week

For Organizations

If you already sponsor group exercise classes or walking groups:

  • Add another corridor to your mall walk.
  • Add in 5 minutes of faster music to your group exercise classes.
  • Add 5 “Go4Life minutes to the class length.
  • Offer an extra free “Go4Life” class.

Want to try something new?

3 older women walking

For Individuals

If you’re already doing brisk walking

3 older women walking
  • Do this Go4Life endurance self-check to test your endurance.
  • Add 5 more “Go4Life minutes to your walk.
    • Aim for 500 more Go4Life steps per day. 
    • Add another Go4Life day to your walking routine.                                       

If you’re already taking aerobics classes

  • Add another class this week.

Try something new