Activity Ideas for Strength Week

For Organizations

If you already have group exercise activities

Older woman doing side leg raise with her trainer

  • Add 8 more “Go4Life repetitions to a current strength activity.
  • Add in one more Go4Life strength exercise, like: the side leg raise or the overhead arm raise.

Try something new

For Individuals

If you’re already lifting weights

Older man doing arm curls

  • Do this Go4Life strength self-check to test your strength.
  • Add 8 more “Go4Life repetitions. Then add 8 more.
  • If you are comfortable doing so, increase by 1 lb the size of the weights you’re lifting.
  • Try lifting weights while watching TV. (Be sure to sit in a straight back chair.)

If you’re already taking a strength class

  •  Add another class this week.

Try something new