Be Physically Active without Spending a Dime

You don’t need to spend a fortune to be physically active. In fact, you can be active in many ways without spending any money. You don’t need special exercise equipment other than comfortable walking shoes. Here are a few ideas to help get you moving for free!
Group of older women walking in the park together

Close to home

  • Get your garden or yard in shape, and you’ll shape up, too. Yard work such as mowing, raking and digging can keep you active at home.
  • Make your own weights from household items —soup cans, or bottles of water.
  • Rather than driving, walk when doing errands.

In your community

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  • Try out free demonstration exercise classes at your local senior center or fitness center.
  • Participate in community-sponsored fun runs or walks.
  • Join a basketball or baseball league that plays at your community center.
  • Ask if your local mall currently has a mall walking program.

In the great outdoors

  • Go for a hike in a park.
  • Learn about trees and plants while exploring a local arboretum.