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Overcoming Barriers to Exercise: No More Excuses

Exercise is good for almost everyone, but there are so many things that can get in the way of staying active. It’s time for some positive thinking. No more excuses! Here are some tips to help you overcome those barriers and improve your health.

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How to Make an Exercise Plan

Some people can plunge into a new project without planning ahead. Others find that writing a plan is helpful and keeps them on track. When it comes to motivation, the first few months are crucial.

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Fitting Exercise and Physical Activity into Your Day

Don’t let a busy day stop you from exercising! There are many ways to squeeze a little physical activity into your day. To get the most out of exercise and physical activity, they need to be a regular part of your life.

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Keep Going! Stay Motivated to Be Active

Physical activity is a great way for older adults to gain substantial health benefits and maintain independence. To make physical activity a routine habit, choose activities and exercises that are fun, motivate you, and keep you interested.

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Starting to Exercise Again after a Break

Vacation? Flu? Out-of-town guests? Many things can interrupt your physical activity routine, but you can start again and be successful. Here are a few ideas to help you get back on track.

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Exercise Tips for Travelers

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it is possible to stick to your exercise routine when you’re on the road. With a little planning, it can be easy to stay fit when you travel.

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How to Set Your Fitness Goals

Many people find that having a firm goal in mind motivates them to move ahead on a project. Goals are most useful when they are specific, realistic, and important to you.

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Measuring Your Fitness Progress

If you’ve been exercising regularly, you’ll soon be able to tell when it’s time to move ahead in your activities. Here are some tips to help you understand when you should make your activities more challenging.

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