Outdoor Activities

man bicycling

Use your exercise program as a chance to get outside and enjoy nature. Get some ideas for being active outdoors:

  1. Biking, hand-crank bicycling, or tandem biking
  2. Horseback riding
  3. Sailing
  4. Jogging or Running
  5. Skating
  6. Snorkeling
Icon: Safety


  • Walk during the day or in well-lit areas at night, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • To prevent injuries, be sure to use safety equipment.
  • Dress in layers when exercising outdoors so you can add or remove clothes if you get cold or hot.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of liquids when doing any activity that makes you sweat.
  • Do a little light activity to warm up and cool down before and after your endurance activities.