Go4Life Month Happenings in the U.S. and Beyond

Many Go4Life partners and others are holding creative and exciting activities for Go4Life Month. Here's a sampling of some of the endurance, strength, balance and flexibility activities held -- or planned --in September.

  • Facebook Life exercise eventTo celebrate Strength Week, Go4Life holds a Facebook Live event featuring Fit & Well Seniors of the YMCA at Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center in Washington, DC. See the video of the event here.

  • Sunrise Senior Living residences nationwide hold intergenerational relay races where youngsters accompany residents in quick walks around Sunrise facilities.

  • The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, hosts a Go4Life Month "kick-off event" to discuss the real-life benefits of exercises and personal goal setting.  They also offer a special discounted rate on personal training for Go4Life Month and have instructors lead exercises based around the 4 weekly themes.

  • Rockville Senior Center in Rockville, MD celebrates Endurance Week with a heart-pumping "Hot Zumba" class, complete with bilingual instruction and live music.

  • NIA's Dr Lyndon Joseph and a group of seniors exercising on local news showGo4Life appears on local morning TV in Washington, DC. Dr. Lyndon Joseph of the National Institute on Aging at NIH is joined by 8 volunteer exercisers representing Go4Life Partners Easter Seals, Fit & Well Seniors of the YMCA, Oasis, and Sunrise Senior Living. See the broadcast here.

  • Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing in Surprise, AZ held a two-session Go4Life series as part of their September community education. “Each class was 90 minutes and the first week we focused on Endurance and Strength, and the second week on Balance and Flexibility. We also included “staying safe with exercise” in class 1 and “staying motivated with exercise” in class two. Exercise demonstrations were included as well as the intro video. There were 10 participants and each of them received the red Exercise & Physical Activity book as well as the exercise DVD from Go4Life. They were also encouraged to access all of the tools and tips available on the website.”

  • Silver Linings Integrative Health LLC in Tacoma, WA marks Endurance Week with a Monday Mindfulness Walk. According to the director, "Participants executed their endurance and strengthened their meditation skills by moving in the outdoors."

  • AARP publishes an article on Go4Life Month. See it here.

  • Metcalfe walking clubVerve Senior Living's Go4Life Walking Club at Metcalfe Gardens in Ontario, Canada is off to a great start. Over a million steps were "walked to wellness" on Day 1!

  • Daly City Senior Services in Daly City, CA holds a "Go4Life Strength Week Luncheon," where attendees do light, seated strength exercises before lunch and learn more about Go4Life while they eat.

  • Geri-Fit in Murrieta, CA hosts a Falls Prevention presentation to mark Balance Week about ways to make your home more fall-proof and exercises you can do that add strength and improve balance. Go4Life materials are available for attendees that sign up for the lecture.

  • Aging Partners of the Lincoln Area Agency on Aging in Lincoln, NE says: "We have our fitness center all "decked out" with Go4Life posters, etc. We will promote Go4Life Month and hand out "Workout to Go" booklets and bookmarks at attached classes."

  • Oasis publishes a notice about Go4Life in its September newsletter.

  • To mark Balance Week, Go4Life exhibits at the Oasis Fall Prevention and Safety Awareness Day in Rockville, MD where campaign staff highlight the importance of balance exercises in preventing falls.

  • 3 participants in the Silver Linings Integrative Health Bicep Curl CompetitionSilver Linings Integrative Health LLC in Tacoma, WA holds a "Bicep Curl Competition" to celebrate Strength Week.  The winner, Gloria Blair (center), achieved 50 repetitions with a 20 lbs. resistance band!

  • Older adults perform tai chi to celebrate Balance Week at the Model Cities Senior Wellness Center in Washington, DC.

  • Benjamin Gaither Center in Gaithersburg, MD celebrates Flexibility Week with a "Flexible Strength" class, co-sponsored with Suburban Hospital.

  • Older adults at Model Cities Senior Wellness Center in Washington, DC take part in a yoga class for Flexibility Week.