Go4Life Month Toolkit

Welcome to the Go4Life Month Toolkit! During Go4Life Month in September, use the tips and ideas below to help you or your organization enhance current exercise programs or start new ones.

This year's Go4Life Month theme is Move More with Go4Life, encouraging older adults to be active more often, to push a little harder, and to try all 4 types of exercise. During September, each week will be devoted to one type of exercise.

  • Week One: Endurance
  • Week Two: Strength
  • Week Three: Balance
  • Week Four: Flexibility

Let us know what you do! Use this form to send us your pictures, videos and short descriptions of Go4Life Month activities. We'll post them on our website or include them in updates or on social media.

(Feel free to change the exercise focus for a given week. And be sure to continue your other exercise programs and routines during Go4Life Month.)

Older man  jogging in the park with

Activity Ideas for
Endurance Week

Older woman lifting weights with

Activity Ideas for
Strength Week

Older woman doing balance exercises and the word

Activity Ideas for
Balance Week

Older man touching his toes with

Activity Ideas for
Flexibility Week

Sample Go4Life tip sheets

Go4Life Month Tip Sheets

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Go4Life Month Videos

Woman giving a Go4Life presentation to older adults

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