Go4Life Month Toolkit

Welcome to the Go4Life Month Toolkit! During Go4Life Month in September, use the tips and ideas below to help your organization enhance current exercise programs or start new ones.

This year’s Go4Life Month theme is Get Ready! Get Moving! Go4Life! The goal is to encourage older adults to (1) prepare to be more active, (2) get moving with all 4 types of exercise, (3) stay on track with exercise and (4) make regular exercise a habit. During September, each week will be devoted to the following:

  • Week One: Get ready with Go4Life!
  • Week Two: Get moving! Do all 4 types of exercise.
  • Week Three: Stay on track to Go4Life!
  • Week Four: Go4Life throughout the year!

Let us know what you do! E-mail us at go4life@nia.nih.gov to submit your pictures, videos and short descriptions of Go4Life Month activities. We’ll post them on our website, include them in the Partner Newsletter, and/or share them on social media.