Go4Life Month Event Ideas

Want to organize an activity for Go4Life Month? Here are some suggested events, including past successes by partners, that are organized according to the level of preparation they would require. Order free Go4Life materials to have on hand to distribute at these activities. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Minimal Preparation Required

older people strength training during a go4life class

  • Add one or two exercises from the Exercise and Physical Activity Guide to an ongoing exercise class.
  • Dedicate one of your ongoing exercise classes to Go4Life Month.
  • Hang large Go4Life posters at your facility.
  • Download and print out a Go4Life tracking tool and help older adults complete it.
  • Share messages about Go4Life Month multiple times in your newsletters, blogs and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Rename a planned program a Go4Life program.
  • Mention Go4Life Month when speaking at workshops, symposia or conferences.
  • Have free Go4Life materials available as handouts at talks and symposia about aging.
  • Run a full-page ad about Go4Life Month in magazines and/or web pages. (Artwork available from Go4Life@mail.nih.gov )

Moderate Preparation Required

group of older people doing a go4life walk

  • Use the Go4Life Speakers Toolkit to hold a Get Ready! Start Moving! Keep Going! presentation.
  • Make a Go4Life bulletin board highlighting one or more of the 4 exercise types. Print out images of Go4Life exercises from the website and post them on the board.
  • Hold a Go4Life Walk in your facility, around the block, in a park, or at the mall.
  • Hold a “Subscribe to Go4Life” session where you help older adults sign up for Go4Life e-alerts and text messages about exercise. (Subscribe here.)
  • Show the Go4Life video “Stay Independent with Regular Exercise.”
  • Share Exercise Success Stories. Arrange a session where older exercisers can encourage others to stay active and Go4Life by sharing how physical activity has improved their lives.
  • At the end of each week, have a group discussion and ask older adults about their exercise experiences and their plans for the following week.
  • Arrange for Go4Life to present remotely (via Skype or via phone) to your group during Go4Life Month.
  • Arrange to have health care providers pass out Go4Life materials, such as the call-to-action postcards, to their older patients.
  • Hold a “Yoga in the Park” class to focus on flexibility.
  • Host a pre-lunch “Stroll with a Trainer,” where older adults will take a walk with a trainer who will discuss the benefits of walking and of regular physical activity as we age.
  • Post a link to Go4Life on your website and send users to the Go4Life Month Toolkit page.

Maximum Preparation Required

selection of go4life print materials

  • Hold a “Crunch and Lunch” session. Do seated strength exercises followed by a healthy lunch and distribution of free Go4Life materials.
  • Consider forming a walking club.
  • Organize a healthy aging fair, featuring free Go4Life materials and other free health publications from the National Institute on Aging.
  • Hold an intergenerational activity, such as a walk. Partner with a local elementary or middle school.
  • Arrange an appearance on local television or radio to promote Go4Life and physical activity for older adults.
  • Approach a local library about holding exercises classes there.
  • Partner with a local gym to hold a session introducing Go4Life and the availability of free materials.
  • Invite a local health expert to talk about the benefits of exercise.
  • Invite in a Tai Chi instructor to present a demonstration to mark Go4Life Month.
  • Hold a Go4Life event (i.e., a luncheon, a gathering) where people can share their exercise experiences for the month and how they plan to continue after September.
  • group of older people on bikes

  • Look for and team up with another September health event in the community such as a health fair, falls prevention event, or health screening to plan a Go4Life event there.
  • If at an academic institution focused on aging, consider delivering a lecture on healthy aging in observance of Go4Life Month.
  • Host a “Bike with a Park Ranger for Go4Life Month” activity in a local national park. Establish contact with park rangers at the designated park to make arrangements.