Keep Going for Life!

Use these activities to help older adults make regular exercise a habit.

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Stay Informed

older man using a smartphone on a mountain trail

Gradually Increase the Level of Effort

older people exercising in a pool

  • Share this Monthly Progress Test tracking tool to help people keep track of the results they gain from regular exercise.
  • To see how to revisit and reset exercise goals, share the article How to Set Your Fitness Goals
  • When they are able, encourage people to do their activities longer, farther, or harder. For example:
    • If they walk 30 minutes at lunch time every day, make it 40 minutes.
    • If they only have 30 minutes for lunch, pick up the pace so they’re walking faster and farther in the same amount of time.
    • If they usually swim half a mile, build up to three-quarters of a mile.
    • Use a harder resistance band when they do strength exercises.
  • After they do the 10-minute and 15-minute workouts, encourage them to try the 20-minute and then gradually progress to the 60-minute Go4Life workouts.
    • Do their activities more often. For example:
    • Spend time in the garden more often.
    • Head over to the gym three times a week instead of two.
    • Walk every day.

Vary the Activities

4 older women playing tennis

Buddy Up!

  • Exercising with a buddy often helps people stay on track. Ask people to buddy up with a friend for exercise and/or to bring a friend to class.