Use these activities to inspire older adults to make plans to increase their level of physical activity.

Order and Distribute Free Go4Life Materials

Group of older people watching a go4life presentation

Share the Benefits of Regular Exercise

  • Kick off the month with “Get Ready! Start Moving! Keep Going!”, a Go4Life slide presentation to inspire sedentary or semi-sedentary older adults to get started with regular exercise.
  • Show the 4-minute Go4Life video, “Stay Independent with Regular Exercise” to see how regular exercise makes it possible to carry out everyday activities as you age.
  • Invite a local health expert to talk about the benefits of exercise. Make available the free Go4Life materials you have ordered.
  • Hang Go4Life Posters.
  • Ask older exercisers at your facility to share the benefits they have gained through regular exercise and physical activity.
  • Watch a few of these inspirational exercise videos describing how institute directors at the National Institutes of Health maintain their exercise routines.

Encourage Goal Setting

older woman working with personal trainerAsk people to identify why they want to exercise (i.e., to have more energy, be stronger, play with grandkids) and then to set goals for what they want to accomplish. Consider both short- and long-term goals. Encourage people to write down their goals, put them where they can see them, and review them regularly.

Address Barriers to Exercise

Exercise is good for almost everyone, but there are so many things that can get in the way of staying active. It’s time for some positive thinking. No more excuses!

Emphasize Safety

Older woman putting on a bike helmetIt’s important for older adults to know how to safely engage in exercise and physical activity.