Go4Life Speakers Toolkit – Presenting Information about Exercise and Physical Activity to Older Adults

A woman presenting the Go4Life Speakers Toolkit to a group of older people

Introduce older adults to the benefits and basics of physical activity as they age with Get Ready! Start Moving! Keep Going!, an easy-to-use Speakers Toolkit that provides tips on how to become — and remain— physically active as you get older.

Designed for adults 50+ who are sedentary or semi-sedentary, or for aging services personnel, the toolkit includes:

  • a slide presentation
  • a User Guide for Presenters
  • a list of Go4Life print materials (must be pre-ordered separately)
  • a promotional flyer

You can download the Presentation Toolkit files individually below:

Get Ready! Start Moving! Keep Going! with Go4Life. A presentation from the National Institute on Aging at NIH

PowerPoint Presentation

Download slide presentation (PPTX, 22.3MB)

This PowerPoint presentation, recommended as a 30-minute event, covers:

  • the National Institute on Aging’s Go4Life campaign, which encourages older adults to fit exercise and physical activity into everyday life
  • the health benefits of regular exercise after age 50
  • the four types of exercise older adults should engage in
  • the recommended amount of weekly exercise for older adults
  • how to stay safe while exercising
  • free Go4Life tips and tools to help people 50+ start and sustain regular exercise and physical activity

Sample page from presentation user guide. Please download PDF for more details

Tips for Preparing the Presentation

Download User Guide for Presenters (PDF, 94.2KB KB)

Use this guide to help you prepare the presentation. Get tips on:

  • publicizing the event
  • setting up the room
  • pre-ordering the free Go4Life materials to hand out (allow 3-4 weeks for delivery)
  • delivering the presentation
  • handling questions
  • if desired, arranging for guest speakers, refreshments, and more

Sample presentation flyer. Please download PDF for more details

Promoting the Presentation

Download the promotional flyer (PDF, 59KB)

Use this flyer to announce an upcoming presentation. You can easily customize it with the date, time, and location of your upcoming session.