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This year's Go4Life Month theme, Move More with Go4Life, encourages older adults to be active more often, to push a little harder, and to try all 4 types of exercises during September. Use these tips and tools from Go4Life to get the word out about Go4Life Month and how you celebrate it. 

Join us for a Facebook Live exercise class on September 13th at 9am ET.

Join us on Wednesday, September 13th, at 9am ET for a Go4Life workout LIVE on Facebook. Like the National Institute on Aging for more details or tune into our page during the event.

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Older adults exercising with words September is Go4Life Month! Celebrate by moving more!Post these Move More with Go4Life social media messages. Each week during the month of September will focus on one type of exercise. There's a message for each work day in September! You can also retweet our messages on @NIAGo4Life or share our Facebook posts from NIHAging.

Celebrate Go4Life Month – Share September 1


  • Celebrate #Go4LifeMonth w/ @NIAGo4Life by moving more! Don’t forget to include all 4 types of exercise!


  • Celebrate Go4Life Month this September and challenge yourself to move a little more often, at a faster pace, or try a new activity. Make sure your exercise routine covers all 4 types of exercise—endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Visit Go4Life, the exercise and physical activity campaign from the National Institute on Aging at NIH, to learn more: #Go4Life

Endurance – Share September 4-8

Image of a coastal highway with the words September is Go4Life Month! Endurance exercises. Work on improving your endurance this smonth. Endurance activities help keep you healthy, imporve your fitness, and help pyou do the tasks you need to do every day.


  • Work on your endurance this month! Endurance activities like walking & dancing can improve your fitness: #Go4Life
  • Build your endurance this month! If you haven’t been active for a long time, work your way up over time:  #Go4Life
  • Get motivated this #Go4LifeMonth! Try to build up to at least 150 min of moderate endurance activity a week:
  • It’s #Go4LifeMonth! Encourage older people to try these endurance exercises to help them lead healthy, active lives:
  • Endurance #exercise can help prevent or manage diseases like #diabetes & #heartdisease. Move more w/ #Go4Life tips:


Celebrate Go4Life Month and build up your endurance by moving more! Just getting started? Do 10 minutes of activities that get your heart pumping— like walking, dancing, or biking. As you progress, add more 10 minute sessions until you hit your goal of 150 minutes per week! Learn more from #Go4Life:

Strength – Share September 11-15

Image of a woman lifting weights with the text - Improve your strength with Go4Life. Stronger muscles make it easier to do everyday things like: Get up from a chair, climb stairs, carry groceries, play with your grandchildren


  • Get stronger by doing strength exercises regularly. Already doing them? Challenge yourself to do more! #Go4Life:
  • Build more muscle! Stronger muscles make it easier to do everyday activities, like climbing stairs. Learn more:  #Go4Life
  • September is #Go4LifeMonth! Try strength #exercises for all your major muscle groups on 2 or more days each week:  
  • Push yourself a little harder this month! Gradually increase the amount of weight you use to build strength #Go4Life
  • Try a few upper-body strength exercises this month to help w/ housekeeping chores: washing windows & dusting out-of-the way places #Go4Life


Celebrate active aging during #Go4LifeMonth by building up your strength! Even very small changes in muscle strength can make a real difference in function. Challenge yourself to do a little more or lift slightly heavier weights, if you can.

Balance – Share September 18-22

Image of a group of older adults doing seated leg exercises with the text - Improve your balance to prevent falls


  • Find your #balance during #Go4LifeMonth! Do them anywhere, anytime, & often! Learn more:
  • #Balance exercises can help with #fallsprevention. Learn how to improve your balance over time:  #Go4Life
  • Try something new during #Go4LifeMonth. Challenge your balance with #taichi!  Learn more from @NIAGo4Life:
  • #Exercise #safety tip: Hold a sturdy chair when you are doing balance exercises.  #Go4Life
  • Want to do more during #balance exercises? #Go4Life has tips to help you to challenge yourself over time:


How steady do you feel on your feet? Help prevent falls and fall-related injuries by doing balance exercises regularly. Not sure where to start? Check out these recommended exercises from #Go4Life!

Flexibility – Share September 25-29

Image of a group exercise class doing seated stretches with the words - Stretch daily to improve flexibility


  • For #Go4LifeMonth, commit to stretching more often! Hold your stretches for 10 to 30 seconds. Check out these flexibility exercises:
  • Loosen up during #Go4LifeMonth! Stretch both your upper & lower body in smooth & steady movements. Learn more:
  • #Stretching #safety tip: Warm up before stretching. Learn more about adding flexibility to your #exercise routine:
  • You don’t have to stretch alone. During #Go4LifeMonth, try this buddy stretch with a friend!
  • Already stretching? Do the stretch more often or hold it longer. Looking for new stretches? Visit #Go4Life:


Increasing flexibility gives you more freedom to move around and do everyday activities, like getting dressed in the morning. Celebrate Go4Life Month by adding stretching to your routine. Loosen up with these flexibility exercises! #Go4Life

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