Activities for All Seasons

A change in seasons is an excellent time to be creative about your exercise routine and try something new. There are many ways to be active throughout the year.

a rake and a pile of leavesWinter


  • As the temperatures start to get warm, get your garden ready for spring and summer. The lifting and bending you do when gardening are great for strength and flexibility.
  • A bike ride is a great way to enjoy the warmer temperatures.


  • Swim laps or take a water aerobics class. These are both refreshing once the weather gets steamy.
  • Walking in the mall is a cool way to beat the heat.


  • Fall leaves provide great opportunities for physical activity. You can take long walks to see the beautiful fall colors. Once the leaves have fallen, raking is good exercise.
  • As the weather begins to cool, join an indoor sports league, such as basketball, handball, or bowling.

Quick Tip

Dress appropriately for the outdoor temperatures, and exercise indoors on especially hot or cold days.

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