Choosing a Retirement Community

Ask These 10 Physical Activity Questions

As you visit potential retirement communities, consider their physical activity offerings. If you’re already active, you know you want to stay that way. If you’re not, then take this great opportunity to become physically active.

older coupleHere are 10 questions to ask to make sure you can be active in your retirement community.

  1. Is there a pool or fitness center?
  2. Are there other physical activity features, like walking trails, tennis courts, or a pool?
  3. Are there exercise classes or a personal trainer? Is the trainer certified to work with older adults and those with a variety of health issues?
  4. What does it cost, if anything, to use the fitness facilities and classes?
  5. If your living space is small, does the community provide a place where you can securely store a bike?
  6. If the community doesn’t have fitness or physical activity facilities, is there a nearby Y, senior center, or gym that you can use?
  7. Are the stairs well lit and easily accessible? Do they have sturdy handrails?
  8. Does the community have well-lit, well-maintained sidewalks so you can walk safely during the evening as well as the day?
  9. Are there parks nearby?
  10. Does the community offer physically active social events, like dances, bowling outings, and sports activities?

Quick Tip

Get into a physical activity routine as soon as you move in. It’s a great way to meet new friends who can help you stay active.

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