Finding the Right Fitness Trainer

If you’ve decided to become more active but want some extra help, working with a fitness trainer may be just the thing. A trainer can help you choose exercises that are right for you and show you how to do them safely.

older woman working with a physical trainerHere are some tips to help you find a fitness trainer.

  • Ask friends, family, or your health care provider for a recommendation.
  • Check with local health clubs or senior centers to see if they have trainers on staff or can recommend someone.

Once you have a couple of names, here are a few questions to help you pick the right person.

Is the trainer:

  • Certified by an accredited organization?
  • Experienced or educated in exercise science, aging, and program design?
  • Experienced in working with people of your age and/or with your medical condition?
  • Comfortable working with the medical community?

Does the trainer:

  • Have a passion for working with older adults?
  • Listen carefully to you and answer your questions?
  • Have a sense of humor and a personality that you like?

Has the trainer:

  • Told you what you can expect from the sessions?
  • Clearly explained the cost of the sessions and the cancellation policy?
  • Stated that he or she is insured or bonded?
  • Given you a list of clients so you can check references?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, the trainer could be a great fit! Ask for one or two trial sessions.

Quick Tip

Ask if it’s possible to have one or two trial sessions to see if working with a fitness trainer is right for you.

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