Go4Life Activity Ideas

Looking for programming ideas to motivate older adults to be more physically active? Go4Life can help. We’ve created a list of sample activities to do in your senior center, fitness center, worksite health and wellness center, retirement and continuing care community, faith-based organization, neighborhood health clinic, or other organization.Go4Life activity bulletin board example

Give these activities a try, and let us know how you Go4Life in your community:

  • Hold a Go4Life-themed event where people can try different forms of exercise, such as dance, strength training, chair exercises, or yoga.
  • Coordinate a group exercise class based on Go4Life sample exercises.
  • Sponsor a health fair, and include Go4Life materials.
  • Map out a walking trail nearby and start a lunchtime walking group.
  • Hold a wellness program, and include Go4Life materials.
  • Sponsor an exercise challenge, and offer Go4Life materials as rewards.
  • Invite a health expert to talk about the benefits of exercise, and use Go4Life handouts.
  • Establish a Go4Life exercise break during the day with sample exercises from Workout to Go or the Go4Life exercise DVD.
  • Organize a community walk.
  • Show the Go4Life exercise DVD in the break room or waiting room.
  • Make a Go4Life bulletin board to highlight exercise success stories.
  • Hang Go4Life posters or flyers around your facility.
  • Include articles in your organization’s newsletter about the health benefits of exercise and the free Go4Life resources.
  • Link to Go4Life on your website.  

Quick Tip

Lead by example! Encourage everyone in your organization to join in making exercise a regular activity.

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