Making Meetings More Active

All too often, meetings are a time when people just sit and talk with no opportunities for physical activity.

Here are a few ways to liven things up so you can be physically active AND productive.

older people in a meeting roomMake short meetings more active.

  • Ask people to stand up when they want to speak.
  • Hold a walking meeting. Find a quiet spot outdoors and take a walk while you conduct your business.
  • Suggest that meeting participants take the stairs rather than the elevator when they come to and leave the meeting.

Make long meetings more active.

  • Schedule regular breaks during the meeting so that participants can get up, stretch, and move around.
  • Figure out a 30-minute walking route that meeting participants can do during the lunch break. Write directions or draw a map of the route and pass it out during the morning session.
  • Get an enthusiastic person to lead a short exercise session during break times. Many exercises can be done standing or sitting in a chair.

Try these easy exercises during a break at your next meeting!

  • Toe stand. Stand behind a sturdy chair, holding on to the top of the chair back. Stand up straight with feet flat on the floor, about shoulder-width apart. Slowly rise up as high as you can on your tiptoes. Hold the position for 1 second, then slowly lower yourself.
  • Neck stretch. Slowly turn your head to the right until you feel a slight stretch. Don’t tip or tilt your head, but hold it in a comfortable position. Hold the position 10-30 seconds. Turn your head to the left and hold the position 10-30 seconds.

Quick Tip

Let participants know ahead of time that this will be an active meeting so they can wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

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