Making a Plan to Be More Active

Some people can plunge into a new project without planning ahead. Others find that writing a plan is helpful and keeps them on track. Here are a few reasons why an exercise and physical activity plan might be a good idea.

Copies of Go4LIfe tracking worksheetsA plan can help you:

What to include in your physical activity plan:

  • Your reasons for being physically active.
  • Your short- and long-term goals.
  • The activities you plan to do.
  • When, where, and with whom you will be active.
  • Things you need to do to get started and keep going.

Make it a plan that works.

  • Be realistic based on how physically active you are now.
  • Be specific in the details.
  • Include a weekly worksheet that details your activities.

Review and update your plan regularly. Adjust your plan as needed.

Quick Tip

Make a contract with a friend or family member to carry out your plan. It can help you stick with it.

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